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Founded in 2005, VLV is an engineering company that provides advanced engineering solutions in a variety of industries. From the planning stages to the assembly and execution stages. Carried out over 200 different projects in various fields, including: defense industry, food industry, automotive, agriculture and even amazing projects in solar energy. The company was founded by Amir Kashi, after many years of experience in engineering, development and management in the Israeli and global industry. VLV began as a manufacturer and developer of industrial machines and over the years expanded its activities to product development as well.

Our values

For us, every project stands for three things:


Professionalism from the choice of concept to the last small details.


Diligent and accurate execution in quality and schedules.

Business Integrity

This is our commitment to the best value for our customers’ Dollar.

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Israel Tampere, Finland Sevilla, Spain Oviedo, Spain Ann Arbor, Michigan Phoenix Arizona


Over 200 projects in a wide variety of industries

Tampere, Finland

Accurate laser measurement machine

Sevilla, Spain

Robotic welding line

Oviedo, Spain

Accurate solar parts production

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Solar parts production line

Phoenix Arizona

Automatic drilling line

+ 50k

Designed Components

+ 220

Various projects

+ 15

Years of experience

+ 100

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