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Engineering and machine development

Development and production of automation machines for accelerating complex production processes.

Development, design and production of production lines and machines for factory efficiency with the help of advanced automation. Our broad fan of activities areas allows us to provide our customers with comprehensive engineering solutions. From finding the right solution, through the process of development, planning, production to delivery and full execution in the customer’s factory.


Increasing productivity

Assembly lines

Development, design and production of continuous assembly lines using Pallets method.

Design line structure and the stations recommended to the customer, taking into account the variety of considerations of required outputs, budget and investment viability, efficiency and operational flexibility, inventory in the process and of course quality. Designing quality solutions for a sequence of automatic and semi-automatic stations and executing the project to a high-quality turn-key level and in a short schedule.

Automatic Machines

Development, design and production of automatic machines dedicated to customer needs.

Machine development of for performing a sequence of operations on a product in short cycle times as well as machines for performing individual operations at a single work station. Extensive experience in various applications, including machines for performing assembly operations, precise machining operations, quality tests, precise coatings, filling operations, welding operations, marking operations and more.

Product Development

Product development for a variety of industries. Alternative energy, medical, high-tech, automotive and more.

Development of products that combine different disciplines with an emphasis on mechanisms that include elements of movement and precision in the required performance.

Factory Design

Planning the production sequence, control, storage, transportation and plant maintenance.

For the proper design of a plant, we keep in mind that the plant is not the floor and walls, but a living and dynamic complex that requires professional planning in order to maximize efficiency.

Consultation, Design and Development

of machinery for industry

Our values

For us, every project stands for three things:


Professionalism from the choice of concept to the last small details.


Diligent and accurate execution in quality and schedules.

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This is our commitment to the best value for our customers’ Dollar.

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